Incarius is a Flash forced progression space shooter I'm working on. You can probably get nearly everything you need to know about it from watching one of the videos down below.

Incarius takes a lot of inspiration from Treasure's Ikaruga, although it's much less puzzle-y, by design. There's only one color of attack that can be blocked, and the player essentially has to choose between being on defense, where they move slowly, can't attack, and can absorb shots, or being on offense, where they can attack but can't absorb shots.

After working on this game for a while, I've come to the conclusion that almost all action game makers would be better off having made a shooter like this. There's something really pure about the role that intentional variations in pattern recognition play in the game design that foreground and sharpen that design skill.

Incarius features yet more art made with my C# game engine. It's also chock full of beepy chiptunes I wrote (.mods, in fact). I currently have art done for about 20 levels, but even saying that much is just tempting fate to make something dire happen.