Over the course of the last decade or so, I have written tons and tons of music. Having worked with musicians and composers far more talented than me during my time in the game industry, I always feel like an imposter foisting my compositions out on the world. Still, I have a lot of fun with it.

This is just a selection of some of my stuff. It's all fairly video-game-ish, I suppose.

I wrote this piece after touching up Racing Comrade (I had collected some nifty marching sounds that were cool percussion). I like its weirdly ethereal tone - martial drums, ghostly pads, and some uneasy pianos.

This bit is made of several loops of my guitar playing. Nothing too fancy - just a generally cheerful, guitar-oriented track.

I took a stab at making a guitar track somewhat inspired by a lot of the dungeon musics from the original Diablo. This is the result.

Not sure what to say about this piece; it's another odd one. Piano, bass synths, and some really distorted drums.

This is music from Anvil. I have lots more, all in this general style; thumpy drums, plucked strings, choirs, and lots of beepy sine waves.

This is another piece from Anvil.

For the Fairview Horror, I tried composing some orchestral stuff, in a weird horror-ish style. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Another Fairview Horror track.

This piece is from Incarius. It's pure chip tune. Partially inspired by the likeable melodies of good NES games and textures from the C64.

This is another piece from Incarius.

This piece is from Magnesium Gardens. Magnesium Gardens was really run to compose for; I was using VST instruments that had some pitch drifting like Boards of Canada, but I tried to make the music uneasy and alien, rather than just wistful and odd. This piece has a cool drum.

This is another Magnesium Gardens piece. It's very, very percussive.

This is from Magnesium Gardens, too. It's a reverb-y piano piece.

Sparks and Dust had more action-oriented music. This is more of my passable-at-best guitar playing =), but I still think the composition is fairly cool. Guitar, ghostly synths, and drum loops.

This is another Sparks and Dust track. Strange jittery electronic stuff here.

This is a piano piece from Vellum. It's the first song on here using the procedural music generation techniques I have fiddled with.

This is a ghostly interlude piece from Vellum.

This is another procedural piece from Vellum - an organ this time.

This is another procedural piano piece.

Another procedural piano piece.

A final procedural piano piece.